Dr. Álvaro Bastida Freijedo

Specialist in Stomatology

FILO Implantology developer

Medical & Surgical Degree (University of Oviedo)

Specialist in Stomatology (University of Oviedo)

Experience in Implantology from 1994

Honorary Member and International Speaker of the Open Dental Community. He is the author of the FILO protocol for minimally invasive implantology. FILO is an efficiency-oriented implantology procedure in an attempt to provide safe results through simplified procedures in a shorter time.

Title of the presentation:

Introduction to FILO System

  • FILO Concept
  • Technical Principles
  • Clinical Cases:
  • Aesthetic Area
  • Posterior Maxillary Atrophy


  • FILO Implantology


  • Inserting monoblock Implants
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