Henri Diederich

Autor al protocolului Cortically Fixed at Once CF@O, înregistrat în UE



Prezentare în cadrul Conferinţei din 2 martie:
Immediat loading in the atrophied bone without sinuslift, bonegraft and nerve displacement: the Cortically Fixed at Once Approach CF@O

Workshop pe 3 martie:

The value added of one piece implants
  • Treatment plans and occlusion
  • The pterygoid implant
  • Anatomy
  • Insertion technique
  • The participants will learn how to be successful with one piece implant
  • How to insert pterygoid implants
  • Impression technique
  • Conduce propria clinică dentară în Luxemburg City din 1985
  • Practician Clinical Crestal Implantology din 1998
  • Practician Clinical Cortical Implantology din 2001
  • Tratează cazuri în domeniul disfuncţiilor cranio-mandibulare

Autor al protocolului Cortically Fixed at Once CF@O, înregistrat în UE


  • Scientific Studies Certificate, University of Luxembourg 1979
  • Degree in Dentistry, Free University of Brussels (ULB) 1985
  • University Diploma Legal Dentistry (D.U. expertise, personal injury, identifications) Thesis: L’implantologie crestale et basale dans le cadre du consentement éclairé (Informed Consent in Crestal and Basal Implantology) University of Montpellier I 2009
  • University Diploma in Personal Injury (D.U.E.D.C.O. Assessment in Odontology) Thesis: The Cranio-mandibular Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain. University of Montpellier I  2010.


  • The International Congress of Oral Implantologists, ICOI
  • The German Society for Oral Implantology, DGOI
  • The European Association of Dental Implantologists, BDIZ EDI
  • The British Association of Forensic Odontology, BAFO
  • Founder Member and President of the Implantoral Club Luxembourg
  • Sworn Expert in Dentistry in the Luxembourgish Courts
  • President of Open Dental Community
  • Teaching in the University Diploma of Implantology in the Hospital Ste Antoine in Paris
  • Teaching in the University Diploma of Implantology Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes UEMC, Madrid
  • Teaching in the University Diploma of Implantology at the University of Toulouse

Restoring severly atrophied cases can be very challenging due to the proximity of the sinuses and nerves and the resorption of the alveolar crest. Bone grafts, mental nerve displacement and sinus-lift procedures are often used to overcome the initially poor anatomical and mechanical conditions of these cases. The CF@O protocol uses the remaining bone for fixing cortical implants. Its specificity is that no bone-graft no sinus lift and no nerve displacement are used.
When there is a loss of teeth, atrophy of the alveolar processes occurs in a vertical as well in a horizontal plane. Implant placement in severly atrophic jaws is especially challenging because of the poor quality and quantity of the future implant bed.
The Cortically Fixed at Once CF@O approach needs specific implants. Designed plates, shaped plates ranging in length from 41-43 mm are used. The high fatigue strength of these solid titanium hybride plates without any welds or added parts is particulary indicated for mechanically demanding situations. In this way severe atrophies may be rehabilitated within 10 days with a fixed denture.
– Henri Diederich

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